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Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category

Incase Slider Black iPhone/iPod Touch (2G) Case Review

Posted by Logan on July 14, 2009

Incase Slider Case For the iPhone 3G:

Incase Slider 3G - 26

Price: 34.99

Protection: 4/5 Stars

Looks: 5/5 Stars

Case Quality: 4/5 Stars

Overall: 4/5 Stars

Accessories in box: None

Maker: Incase


The Incase Slider for the iPhone 3g and iPod touch (2G) is the perfect case for any iDevice user. Hence the name, the case is in two pieces, and you simply slide them together around your device to protect it. Its as easy as that. Now lets get into the pros and cons.

Scuffs, scratches, and oils.

The Incase Slider does a great job of keeping your phone from getting scuffs, scratches and oils on it, but the case itself picks them up quite easily.


Dropping the Incase slider on hard pavement, will pretty much tear away the rubber coating on the outside of the case(Silicone feeling), making it look rustic and ugly. It actually starts to make your 35$ case have little, rough, white spots on it, which is unreasonable for a case that costs so much money.


The smooth plastic picks up scratches as easy as you dragging your finger nail down it. This could cause scratches on your phone, but so far, none have appeared on mine.



This is a major problem with the incase slider. Oils show up like crazy. It doesnt harm the phone, but it makes the case gross looking and very slippery.



The Camera hole on this case is cut perfectly. You will NEVER have any black showing up in your photos, or anything thats a part of the case showing up when taking a photo.

Access to all buttons(USB, Volume rocker, Vibrate switch, Headphone Jack, Lock/Unlock Button).

Guard rails. Horrible. Do NOTHING. Too small. Could be a tad bit(Way) bigger.


Adds little bulk to phone. Comparison with an ipod touch(For thinness):


Over View:

This case is amazing, but is priced off of what it should be priced at. Its not me to decide these kind of things, but in my opinion, some spray painted plastic should not cost 35$. But then again, when you go with a company like Incase, everything is very pricy. I highly recommend this case if you have the money. They offer lots of different colors, but the black is the only kind with the silicone feeling plastic. All others such as the white, green and pink one are made of all smooth plastic such as found in the center of the case.

Visit Incase here:


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2XL Super Cross App Review

Posted by Logan on July 11, 2009


2XL Super Cross:

Price: 7.99$

Developer: 2XL Games

If you like dirtbikes, or even motor cycles, you will fall in love with this game at first site. 2XL Games did an amazing job at making the player feel like he or she was actually riding on a dirt bike, and racing other players around a highly detailed, and real looking track.

This games graphics will blow you away. It looks amazing, and it looks spectacular with the iphones screen.


When in a race, you simply press(and hold) the green button to go, and the red(and hold) to stop. When going over a jump or bump, you can press the spring to jump hire, and possibly get in the lead.


This game also allows you to choose from over 10 different bikes, and over 5 different players/characters.


With over 13 fun and great looking tracks, I havent seen one person that complains about how much the app costs.

Overall, this app is great, and I highly suggest it to anyone. If you have the 8$, spend it on this!

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My Battery Life App Review

Posted by Logan on July 11, 2009



Price: 99 Cents, on sale! (1.99 Usually)

Developer: Kevin Vanderlugt

MyBatteryLife is the perfect application to see how much talk, web surfing, web surfing on wifi, video playback, and audio playback time you have left, depending on your battery life that your phone has. As your battery life decreases, so does the giant blue battery, just so you can get a visual image into your head(:P). Displaying how much time you have in hours, and minutes, this app will let you plan out how to use you last 40% or 50% of your battery. There have been reports of this app actually draining your battery because of how often it checks it, but so far, I myself havent had any problems with it. It does what it says, and it has a fair price tag, even when its not on sale.


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Fuel By Case-Mate Case Review

Posted by Logan on June 25, 2009

I Highly recommend this product to any heavy iPhone 3G or even 3GS User.

It is way worth the 80$. Heres a few quick reasons:

  • It really does increase your battery life by 2.5x
  • It charges quickly, and it charges your device quickly
  • Free Shipping!
  • It doesnt over heat
  • No Sync Mode, just simple plug in and go.
  • Easy to work with/setup to charge your phone

Heres the full review of the case.

Enjoy, and thanks again case mate for sending this out to me. 🙂

You can buy/check out the fuel here.

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Case Mate Fuel Unboxing

Posted by Logan on June 18, 2009

Review coming soon!

Check out the Case Mate Fuel Here.

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GunSmoke 2.0 Update Sneak Peek

Posted by Logan on June 14, 2009

Gun Smoke 2.0 is almost here. Heres a Sneak Peek Pictures exclusively from the app developer himself.


With over 5 new guns, this game is sure to keep you entertained with friends for hours at a time. Buy GunSmoke now while its on sale for only 99 cents! It is the best Gun Simulator, and you wont regret your purchase! Buy GunSmoke Here.

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Tap Tap Dave Mathews Band Revenge App Review

Posted by Logan on June 14, 2009

Tap Tap Dave Mathews Band Revenge 3.99$(On Sale until the end of tomorrow!) iPhone/iPod touch App

Developer: Tapulous



Tapulous does it again by releasing an amazing looking and feeling app for the iPhone and iPod touch. This version of Tap Tap is packed with 10 hot hits from the Dave Mathews Band including:

  • Funny The Way It Is
  • Shake Me Like A Monkey
  • Tripping Billies
  • Everyday
  • Ants Marching
  • American Baby
  • Crash Into Me
  • What Would You Say
  • So Much To Say
  • Two Step

This Game will keep you entertained for hours at a time as you work your way up and unlock new songs/tracks on 5 different difficulty levels.


The Home Page of Tap Tap Revenge Dave Mathews Band allows you to see new updates by Tapulous, adjust settings, and choose one or two players.


This is what a setlist/playlist looks like. As you can see, you must compete 2/3 songs to unlock the song at the bottom.


This is the simple, and sleek user interface for gameplay on Dave Mathews Band revenge. Its very clean, and provides an excellent gameplay expierence for all ages.

Overall, I rate this app 3/5 stars because of actually how hard it is to get used to hitting the notes. The notes are off in multiple songs, which makes it impossible to perfect, or enjoy a certain song. The sensors/tapping isnt always as responditive as it is with some of there other apps including Tap Tap 1 and 2. I dont recommend this app for everyone, but hey, if you have 5$, and like the Dave Mathews Band, go ahead and buy the app. Even if you dont like it, You will atleast not be dissapointed in the music!

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Color Splash App Review

Posted by Logan on June 12, 2009

Color Splash 1.99$ iPhone/iPod Touch App

Developer: Hendrik Kueck


Copy 2

Color Splash Is Simply the Best Photography App in the App Store.

Color Splash allows you to remove the color of any photo that you have in your library(Or take a new photo to edit), remove the color(turn it black and white), and then add color to objects/items in your picture. You apply color to certian items by pan and zooming on the selected object, and brushing your finger on it. Yes, its that simple. Its also the perfect way to make a certian item in any new or old photo stand out in its very own way. The photos below look like they were photoshopped, but really, they are the finished product of the work in Color Splash.


As you can see, the umbrella stands out and it really grabs your attention.


I made this one in 5 minutes. The flowers really stand out and they really grab your attention.


The Fish really stand out in this photo.

Overall, I rate color splash 5/5 stars because of its simple user interface,  and because of how it does what it says. What more could you want for 2.00$?


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SoundFxs App Review

Posted by Logan on June 10, 2009

SoundFxs 99 Cent iPhone/iPod Touch App Review

Developer: Adam Chiaravalle



SoundFxs is the best sound/s app available in the AppStore.

SoundFxs includes over 50 great real sounding Sound effects.  From Fire trucks, to belches, this app is purely the best of its kind, and will keep you entertained for those long airplane rides, bus rides, or that time you spend just chilling with friends. This is literally 4 Apps in one.


The first page that loads is my favorite. The General SoundFxs page. More General SoundFxs are shown when clicking on Page Two. Overall There are 28 General SoundFxs!


The Animal SoundFxs Page. Including 15 Great Sounding Animal SoundFxs!


The Nature SoundFxs Page. Including 9 Awesome SoundFxs!


The People/Human SoundFxs Page including 9 Classic Human SoundFxs!


If you have any problems, you can go to the About page, and if your question isnt answered on there, you can contact Adam himself!

Overall SoundFxs is a great app, and provides tons of fun. I rate this app 5 out of 5 stars because of the real sounding SoundFxs, new polished interface, and because of how much you get for 99 cents. As I said before, its literally 4 apps in one. I personally love this app, and know you will too!

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Flying Aces App Review

Posted by Logan on June 10, 2009

Flying Aces 2.99$ iPhone/iPod Touch App Review

Developer: SnakeHead Software



Flying Aces is the first Dog Fighting app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Flying Aces is an awesome game that allows you to simulate driving an F-16. The point of the game is to dog fight and kill enemy planes that are attacking your airfield/base. If you get shot too many times, you will die, and lose the game. You may shoot missiles, or an endless machine gun of madness out of your fighter jet. You control the jet by using your accelerometer and the gages on the sides of the screen.


The game allows you choose from two greatly detailed levels, causing tons of fun.


Tis is the desert level. You can also see how real this simulator looks+feels.


This is the Ocean Level. Again, You can also see how real this simulator looks+feels.

Overall, I rate Flying Aces 4.5 out of 5 stars because of its sleek user interface, fun gameplay, and uniqueness. What other app allows you to drive an F-16? Thats what I thought. I Highly Recommend this app, and it will provide hours of fun for all ages.

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