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Archive for the ‘Giveaway’ Category

GunSmoke 2.0 iTunes Cards GIVEAWAY

Posted by Logan on July 24, 2009


To Celebrate the Launch of Gun Smoke 2.0, and my website hitting 50K Views, I am giving away 3 iTunes Giftcards(10$). 3 Lucky winners will receive a 10$ iTunes giftcard in celebration of Gun Smoke 2.0. Heres how to enter:

  • Buy Gunsmoke In the App Store right now. (On sale for 99 Cents hurry).
  • Re-Tweet the following message on twitter(Not Needed, but it does count as another entry): ..@AppInsanity is giving away 3 10$ iTunes giftcards To Celebrate the launch of gunsmoke 2.0, and 50k Views! RT
  • Comment on this post like this: GS20- Your comment
  • Enter up to 25 times per day (Maxium 700{Twitter and comments combined :P) Entries per person)
  • Write an iTunes review on GunSmoke to get it into the top 25! (Not Needed to be entered but it would be nice :D)
  • Report back here on August 7th, 2009 to see if you won!
  • You must be following me on twitter. Click here.

Heres how its gonna go/work:

I put all of your comment numbers in a word document when the contest ends. I will then go to and choose 3 random numbers between 0 and however many comments I get. If you retweeted the message on twitter(Read how to enter), then you get the number after your last comment as well. Ex: Say you commented on this post for the first second third and fourth comments, and you retweeted the message twice throughout your time line. Well, you also get numbers five, and six. So if the generator picks number six, you win. Understand?

Good luck, and remember, you must buy GunSmoke in itunes. Dont worry, its worth the money.

Note: If you dont have the iTunes money right now, and you do win, please buy the app to show your support for Appinsanity, and Hypertron.

Peace, and once again Goodluck!

Remember, If you enter in both ways, please leave your twitter in the comments box along with your comment. Like this: GS20- Your comment @Twitter username


Posted in Giveaway | 26 Comments »