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Incase Slider Black iPhone/iPod Touch (2G) Case Review

Posted by Logan on July 14, 2009

Incase Slider Case For the iPhone 3G:

Incase Slider 3G - 26

Price: 34.99

Protection: 4/5 Stars

Looks: 5/5 Stars

Case Quality: 4/5 Stars

Overall: 4/5 Stars

Accessories in box: None

Maker: Incase


The Incase Slider for the iPhone 3g and iPod touch (2G) is the perfect case for any iDevice user. Hence the name, the case is in two pieces, and you simply slide them together around your device to protect it. Its as easy as that. Now lets get into the pros and cons.

Scuffs, scratches, and oils.

The Incase Slider does a great job of keeping your phone from getting scuffs, scratches and oils on it, but the case itself picks them up quite easily.


Dropping the Incase slider on hard pavement, will pretty much tear away the rubber coating on the outside of the case(Silicone feeling), making it look rustic and ugly. It actually starts to make your 35$ case have little, rough, white spots on it, which is unreasonable for a case that costs so much money.


The smooth plastic picks up scratches as easy as you dragging your finger nail down it. This could cause scratches on your phone, but so far, none have appeared on mine.



This is a major problem with the incase slider. Oils show up like crazy. It doesnt harm the phone, but it makes the case gross looking and very slippery.



The Camera hole on this case is cut perfectly. You will NEVER have any black showing up in your photos, or anything thats a part of the case showing up when taking a photo.

Access to all buttons(USB, Volume rocker, Vibrate switch, Headphone Jack, Lock/Unlock Button).

Guard rails. Horrible. Do NOTHING. Too small. Could be a tad bit(Way) bigger.


Adds little bulk to phone. Comparison with an ipod touch(For thinness):


Over View:

This case is amazing, but is priced off of what it should be priced at. Its not me to decide these kind of things, but in my opinion, some spray painted plastic should not cost 35$. But then again, when you go with a company like Incase, everything is very pricy. I highly recommend this case if you have the money. They offer lots of different colors, but the black is the only kind with the silicone feeling plastic. All others such as the white, green and pink one are made of all smooth plastic such as found in the center of the case.

Visit Incase here:


9 Responses to “Incase Slider Black iPhone/iPod Touch (2G) Case Review”

  1. Stacy Serbiva said

    Gonna get this case. Thanks for the detailed review. Im liking the white color. Sorry if i missed it in the review, but does the white come only in the smooth non silicone feeling plastic?

  2. Ryan Wojocosky said

    The white only comes in a smooth finished style. Black Slider is the only silicone feeling one.

  3. rhenzhen said

    Wow! $35 bucks for this case? It look really a nice case but for $35 bucks? I don’t know about that… LOL! It looks bulky too.

  4. Logan said

    Ya, Anything with an Incase name on it is going to be expensive. It does its job, but I think for a little bit less money, the Candy shell would be better.

  5. Steve Jobs said

    Why were you doing this at 1:35 in the morning? Were you sniffing white out? That is unacceptable behavior for an future apple employee.

  6. Logan said

    Hahaha No, Shea gave me some pill lol.

  7. Logan said

    Shea says an only comes before vowels. 😀

  8. Roger Fairbanks said

    This case is good for what I do, and I use it every day!

  9. Antoinette said

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