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Color Splash App Review

Posted by Logan on June 12, 2009

Color Splash 1.99$ iPhone/iPod Touch App

Developer: Hendrik Kueck


Copy 2

Color Splash Is Simply the Best Photography App in the App Store.

Color Splash allows you to remove the color of any photo that you have in your library(Or take a new photo to edit), remove the color(turn it black and white), and then add color to objects/items in your picture. You apply color to certian items by pan and zooming on the selected object, and brushing your finger on it. Yes, its that simple. Its also the perfect way to make a certian item in any new or old photo stand out in its very own way. The photos below look like they were photoshopped, but really, they are the finished product of the work in Color Splash.


As you can see, the umbrella stands out and it really grabs your attention.


I made this one in 5 minutes. The flowers really stand out and they really grab your attention.


The Fish really stand out in this photo.

Overall, I rate color splash 5/5 stars because of its simple user interface,  and because of how it does what it says. What more could you want for 2.00$?



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